Leanne and Andy

"Today marks 4 months since this little man came into our lives. Andy (formerly "Buddy") has grown up so much and for first time cat owners he has been a DREAM!

After discussing with Shannel about the type of cat we wanted/needed for our family, she suggested we take on the "smoochiest kitten she has ever rescued", and she wasn't wrong! Within the first few moments of us meeting, Andy was in my arms, purring like mad and smooching my face! I am happy to report this love and affection has not faded with age 😊 He is just divine!

His favourite things to do are jumping up and sitting on our shoulders (which makes getting ready in the mornings and cooking dinner VERY difficult), bird watching through the windows and snuggling on the couch/bed with my husband and I. He is still very intent on trying to make friends with our house rabbits - even though he is still very confused as to why they dont like his version of "play".

We can't thank Shannel Downey and her team enough for saving this young man and giving him a new start to life. He is growing up into the most beautiful boy.

Your love and dedication to cats is incredible, as is your search for their perfect homes.

If we ever decide to increase our furfamily, I wont adopt from anywhere else"


Pauline and Waffles

"Waffles just wanted to say hello to everyone and tell you that his whiskers and toes beans are doing really really well in his furever home, but he fell asleep mid wave..... Keep up the great work finding all the cute kitties furever mums and dads"


Kate and Hugo

"I never thought I would love something as much as I do this little guy Hugo
Thank you Shannel for bringing him into our lives!!"