Here at GPARI we could have any variety of felines at any one time. Kittens, teens, adults and seniors are regulars! They come from a diverse range of backgrounds including from the pound, vet clinics, the streets and private surrenders. Most are moggies (beautiful at that!) but we do see the occasional breed.
All cats are desexed, up to date vaccinated, microchipped, parasite treated, health checked by a veterinarian and in good health.
All go home with a 3 day health guarantee along with a 1 week trial period.
All enquiries are to be via email at
Alternatively you can fill out an application form immediately at
A foster carer will contact you directly to organise a meet and greet and hopeful adoption.
Please note that adoption is NOT guaranteed nor are you obliged to adopt.
Standard adoption fees are as follows:
Kitten (aged 8 weeks- 6 months): $210
Teen (aged 6 months- 1 year): $190
Adult (aged 1 year+): $150
NOTE: Breed cats may have altered adoption fees.